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Minnesota Zoo
Discovery Bay Renovation, 2013
Contractor: Mortenson Construction, and The Apostolos Group Inc., dba Thomarios
Scope: Removal, Refurbish and Re-Install 11 large Acrylic Viewing Panels and 4 New Panels
Panels: Supplied and Fabricated by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: With the successful completion of two high profile projects at the Minnesota Zoo (Heart of the Zoo and Coral Reef exhibits), Hammerhead International joined the team once again for the Discovery Bay Renovation project.  Hammerhead was selected to remove, refurbish and reinstall 11 large panels (3 on the lower level – 8 on the upper level and 4 new panels).  This 1.1 million gallon tank required the construction of a complex and fully engineered work platform with a gantry lifting system for the safe removal and reinstallation of the acrylic viewing panels.  Once complete, this newly renovated tank will showcase Hawaiian Monk Seals and charm visitors with the underwater antics of this endangered species.  As they are the only tropical seal in the world, (and only found in Hawaii) they are expected to be a dazzling addition to the Minnesota Zoo.
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