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Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle, Washington

Asian Tropical Forest, Otters and Play, 2013
Contractor: Berschauer Phillips Construction Company
Scope: Supply, Installation and Sealing of 3 Acrylic View Panels
Panels: Supplied by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: With sustainability in mind, Woodland Park Zoo began their most extreme makeover in many years. Hammerhead International was honored to be brought onboard early in the process to assist in the design and specification review, budgeting and to provide an expert analysis of installation techniques. Along with the architect, Studio Hansen/Roberts, and the General Contractor, Berschauer Phillips, we complimented their professional team and helped bring this project to a timely and successful completion. Asian small-clawed otters will now join the Woodland Park Zoo family for the first time. This new habitat also includes a newly designed play area for our smallest of woodland explorers.

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