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Marquee Club, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Contractor: Perini Building Company
Scope: Site Consultant/Supervision for Removal and Replacement of 7 VIP Spa Viewing Panels
Panels: Supplied and Fabricated by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: Hammerhead International was brought in by Perini Building Company to help resolve 7 failing viewing panels at the very popular Marquee Club in Las Vegas. Upon review of the panels it was apparent that the panels were not properly installed. The viewing panels used were of inferior quality and had no UV inhibitors in them, hence the extreme yellowing of the panels. The original panels were cut up and removed to make way for the new panels provided by Reynolds Polymer. The new panels were installed with a massive crane under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and will be there for many years to come, crystal clear as they should be. This is a good case study project and further information is available by request. Please make sure the products and services you are getting on your project are of the highest quality, this will help to insure your next project will not fail!
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