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Coral Reef Exhibit, MN Zoo Minnesota
Contractor: MN Zoo
Scope: Removal and Replacement of 3 viewing panels installed in the 80's, re-waterproof the rebates and sealing system.
Panels: Supplied and Fabricated by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: We at Hammerhead have a great relationship with the great staff at the MN Zoo. When we were contacted about this restoration project we were very excited. The coral reef exhibit was built in the 80's and it was time for a face lift. The panel removal had its own challenges as the reef exhibit is part of the tropics building which is a temperature sensitive and an enclosed dome ecosystem. For us this would mean no machinery for moving these large nearly 4 ton pieces. A screw jacking system was developed which would allow for the panels to be held up vertically and moved away from the rebates so work could be done around the panels safely. The rebates were re-waterproofed the panels cleaned up and reinstalled. The exhibit was livened up with new corals, polished and sealed viewing panels and a LSS upgrade. This exhibit will now be there for another 30 years for visitors to enjoy.

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