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Louisville Zoo
Glacier Run, Fall 2010
Contractor: Whittenberg Construction
Scope: Installation and Sealing of 4 acrylic panels and 16 glass panels.
Panels: Supplied by Hammerhead International. Fabricated by Reynolds Polymer Technology and Hehr Glass.
Facts: Glacier Run is an outstanding out-of-the-box design by PGAV. This remarkable exhibit puts guests face-to-face with polar bears, seals and sea lions. The Seal and Sea Lion Amphitheater will offer close-up interactions with the animals and also offers a large underwater viewing area. The Polar Bear Viewing Building boasts a massive two story viewing panel measuring 156" wide by 252" tall and 5.0" thick and weighs 4.5 tons. This, along with two other acrylic panels, will allow guests great views of these Arctic creatures.

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