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Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
Penguin Playhouse, 2010

Contractor: Ripley's / Joseph Construction
Scope: Waterproofing, Installation and Sealing of 13 acrylic panels including tunnels, hemispheres, pop-ups and an all bonded tunnel.
Panels: Supplied by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: Hammerhead International had the great pleasure of working on this state-of-the-art indoor / outdoor penguin habitat. Ripley's has definately broken the mold when it comes to penguin exhibits, giving the guests both above and below interactive experiences. This 40,000 gallon exhibit offers up close and personal views of the Penguins. Whether you are in a pop-up on the penguins' private beach, standing on a floor viewport as they glide beneath you or in the clear acrylic tunnel, Ripley's Penguin Playhouse is sure to impress.

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