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New England Aquarium - Giant Ocean Tank
Boston, Massachusetts
Contractor: Turner Construction
Architect: The project was designed by Cambridge 7 Associates
Scope: Installation, and Sealing of 52 acrylic panels with various difference shapes and sizes.
Panels: Supplied and fabricated by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: This 10-month-long project for The Giant Ocean Tank has been completely transformed from glass panels to acrylic panels, giving crystal clear views of more than 3,000 coral hand painted coral. Each one of its 52 brand-new viewing windows were installed by our Hammerhead International Team, by hand, creating 52 bay views for the infamous 580-pounds Myrtle the Turtle as well as 2,000 other marine life within the Giant Ocean Tank. The Giant Ocean Tank is considered to be one of the most complex and sophisticated aquatic exhibits in the world, and the Hammerhead International Team was blessed to have been a part of this renovation for this world-class aquarium.

The original tank was designed by Cambridge 7 Associates, and because of their innovation and ingenuity, they were asked to come back to redesign this new project of the Giant Ocean Tank. Hammerhead International is very honored to have work side-by-side with one of the best in the industry.
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