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Marine Life Park at Resorts World
Sentosa Island - Singapore
Contractor: Sembawang
Architect/Designer Aquatic Environmental Systems (AES)
Scope: Installation of 77 Acrylic Viewing Panels including 20 tunnel sections and a 20 foot diameter dome.
Panels: Supplied and Fabricated by Reynolds Polymer Technology
Facts: Set to be the World’s Largest Oceanarium, Marine Life Park covers 12 acres with its expansive wet and dry experience. The Oceanarium will give guests the most variety views of any facility currently constructed. There are miles in the Adventure River tube ride that take you thru, in and over marine life. The Reef Swim will give guests an opportunely to snorkel with reef fish as if they were in their natural habitats. The Shark Tank and Shipwreck exhibit offers a moving sidewalk thru the nearly 100 feet of acrylic tunnels where guests will be surrounded by a variety of sharks. The Open Ocean Tank or OOT as it’s called what else is there to say but Wow! The massive exhibit will hold 4 million gallons of water and will boast the World Record Acrylic Viewing Panel! Also in the OOT there are 11 curved panels that will give the very lucky guests of the neighboring hotel a great view from any of the 11 Two Story Deluxe Executive Suite. The other highlight of this tank is the "Sea Eye" a 20 foot diameter acrylic dome that caps a great viewing gallery. The Dry Experience will give guests great views of Dolphins, Jewel and Focus Exhibits and a Featured 100 foot long cascading Mangrove Exhibit. This project has been both an honor pleasure to be part of and a great experience for all of the Onsite Staff of Hammerhead International.
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