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Kansas City Zoo - Helzberg Penguin Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri
Contractor: AGP Inc.
Scope: Installation and Sealing of 20 Glass Viewing Panels
Panels: Glass Supplied by AGP
Facts: After the successful completion of the Polar Bear Passage project, Hammerhead International was invited to again join AGP Inc. to enhance their local crew with our technical experience and professional reliability in these types of habitats. As construction began, Hammerhead International’s expertise for setting and sealing the 20 new glass panels was regarded as the best in the industry and required as a valued member of the construction team. The Penguin Building Features a 100,000 gallon cold water exhibit along with a 25,000 gallon warm water exhibit displaying some of the most interesting penguin species in the world. Each exhibit provides magnificent views with the new glazing system and is sure to dazzle zoo visitors for many years to come at the Southern Oceans Gallery along with Predator Alley and more.
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