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Everbanks Field - Jaguar Stadium
Jacksonville, FL

: Jason Gilliana
Scope: Supply, Installation, and Sealing of 2 acrylic panels.
Panels: Supplied and fabricated by Hammerhead International.
Facts: The owners of the Everbank Field - Jaguar Stadium are innovative enough to build a two-level party deck featuring two pools on the North End Zone of the Stadium. Hammerhead International was sought out to take on this innovative project. The two pools in the North End Zone is one of a kind and features 2 R-Cast Panels 25-feet long by 8-feet tall. Thinking of attending one of these games? The Jags have 10 spaside cabanas that fit 20 people per single cabana — including all-you-can-drink wine, beer, and food. At only $250 per person per game, with the best views and food and drinks included; we’d say "GAME ON"!
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